• Specialist mortgage advice for more complex circumstances

We look at your case as an individual and consider options where others may not

Specialist mortgages – WEST SUSSEX, SURREY & BEYOND

Your circumstances might mean that your mortgage is more complex than usual, or securing a mortgage at all is proving a challenge. We provide specialist mortgage advice to people in these types of situations.

As we are independent, whole-of-market mortgage advisers, we have extensive experience of the ways in which different providers assess you as a potential borrower, so can honestly and accurately put you in the best position to submit a successful mortgage application and secure a deal that suits you.

Not all mortgages are created equal and lenders have a range of different requirements. Some are more flexible than others, and some are set up specifically for people that have more unique or challenging circumstances.

Concerned about a poor credit history?

Worried that your existing debts will make it impossible to secure a mortgage?

Self-employed, unemployed, or have a limited employment history?

Long for your own home but have a limited deposit available?

Already a property owner and concerned about the tax implications of buying a second property?

Young age, or close to retirement and struggling to get lenders to consider you?

We work with clients in West Sussex, Surrey and beyond and are always happy to have a no-obligation conversation about your mortgage concerns and discuss the possibility of a specialist mortgage.


Specialist lending is a way of providing an alternative solution when you are unable to meet the requirements and lending criteria set by the majority of banks and mortgage providers.


We offer advice on maximising your current credit rating and making your mortgage application as strong as possible from the outset. We never introduce you to a mortgage provider if we do not believe that your application has a strong chance of being accepted, however, the measures we put in place will protect your credit rating as much as possible should your application not prove successful straight away.

As we have close relationships with many providers, we can generally speed up your application too, by communicating with the mortgage lender and handling all of the paperwork on your behalf.

Access to the whole mortgage market, including a wide range of exclusive products.


  • Work with you to understand your mortgage needs
  • Discuss your credit rating and employment history to identify anything a potential lender might flag up
  • Advise you on ways to improve your credit rating and your overall appeal to lenders
  • Look at why you may have had mortgage applications turned down in the past
  • Research the whole of the mortgage market to find the right lender for you
  • Make your application as strong and appealing as possible
  • Protect your credit rating as much as possible during the application process
  • Manage the application process on your behalf to ensure speed and efficiency


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